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Binegar station approach road, 2007

From Chilcompton the line ran south-west, crossing the A37 road at Emborough about 350 yards south of the junction of the A37 and B3139. The bridge which carried the line over the road has been removed but the abutments still remain on each side. The line then turned southwards, skirting the eastern edge of Emborough Quarries before curving south-west again and crossing the unclassified road from Gurney Slade to Binegar and then into Binegar station. Here also, the bridge (No. 65) across the road has been removed.

The platforms of Binegar station started from the western side of the bridge and extended for about 320 feet, the main station buildings being on the ‘down’ platform with a signal box and a shelter on the ‘up’ platform. The Station masters house was also on the ‘down’ platform side, but about 100 feet beyond the platform and slightly to the south. The station approach road was on the ‘down’ platform side and ran parallel with the platform, starting from the bridge end, it went up a gradient to reach the level of the station at the western end of the platform.

All traces of the station and platform are gone. A bungalow has been built on the top of the abutment that once supported the bridge on the station side. Further along on the site once occupied by the platforms and station buildings is a large house named “The Beechings”, a name that I suspect many railway enthusiasts would rather forget! The station approach road still exists as does the Station Masters House, now a private residence.

Binegar Station approach road on an afternoon in early April 2007. The platforms and station buildings once stood along the top of  the wall,  now  occupied by a large house. The Station Masters house, now  a private residence is silhouetted on the left of the picture against the spring sky.

Bridge No.65 at Binegar, April 2007

The remaining abutments of Bridge No.65 at Binegar. The abutment on the left side of the picture now has a bungalow built on it, just behind the trees. The station platforms started at this point and extended to within 100 feet of the Station Masters house at the top of the approach road. This picture was taken from the end of the approach road, (about the same point as the picture above).

April 2007.

Beyond the Station Masters house no trace of the track bed remains for about 550 yards and then it re-appears in the middle of Whitnell Farm, heading south towards Masbury. No access is possible to this section as it is on private land and there are no public footpaths near to the track bed, but it is clearly marked on recent Ordnance Survey maps.

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