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Broadstone station was the end of the Somerset and Dorset railway, although S&D trains continued to Bournemouth West station running on the LSWR, (later Southern Railway) lines.

Broadstone was originally opened by the LSWR in June 1847, but was not used by the S&D until December 1872 when the S&D connected to the LSWR at Broadstone and running rights were agreed to allow S&D trains to reach Bournemouth West station. Originally named New Poole Junction, the station was renamed four times before it became Broadstone (Dorset) in the summer of 1929, and finally became just Broadstone in 1956, a name it retained until closure.

I would like to express my thanks to Geoffrey and David Cook who kindly provided the pictures on this page. All are Copyright © Geoffrey and David Cook except the two pictures dated 1963/1964 which are from an unknown source and believed to be in the public domain. Should this be incorrect and you can establish ownership/copyright of these pictures please contact the webmaster and your copyright will be acknowledged and/or the pictures removed as you instruct.

'5MT' No. 73054 Broadstone station 1963

‘‘5MT’ No 73054 leaving Broadstone Station sometime in 1964

Broadstone Station 1963, (main line).

Broadstone station, 1971 Broadstone main building, 1978

Broadstone Station, closed and deserted but with buildings and track still in place in 1971

Copyright © Geoffrey and David Cook 1971

This picture shows the main building/booking office on the ‘up’ line as it was in 1978. The roof of the pub which stood on the other side of the approach road can just be seen above the roof of the station building.

Copyright © Geoffrey and David Cook 1978

Broadstone station 1978 Broadstone station 1982

Another view of Broadstone Station taken on 3rd July 1978

Copyright © Geoffrey and David Cook 1978

By 1982 when this picture was taken, the large building seen in the 1978 picture, (left), has been demolished, but the station building remains much the same.

Copyright © Geoffrey and David Cook 1982

Station road in 1982 Station road 2003

Station Road in 1982, showing the station building from the road, (the opposite side to that shown in the picture above right).

Copyright © Geoffrey and David Cook 1978

This is Station Road in 2003. Only the name remains to remind us that a station once stood on this site.

Copyright © Geoffrey and David Cook 2003

Site of Broadstone station building in 2003 Broadstone Signal Box in 1971

The site of Broadstone Station building as it is in 2003.

Copyright © Geoffrey and David Cook 2003

Broadstone Signal Box in 1971. The S&D line bearing left just beyond the signal box. This picture was taken looking North from Broadstone Station.

Copyright © David Cook 1971

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