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The access road to Chilcompton Station is clearly shown on early maps as starting at the junction of the B3139 and an unclassified road to Midsomer Norton, about 100 yards east of “The Somerset Wagon”, (previously “The Railway Inn”), and going north-west to the station. The 1994 edition of the O.S. Explorer Map 5, 1:25,000 (2½ inches to 1 mile), does not show this access road, so I assume that the road had vanished by 1994, effectively cutting off any easy access to the remains of the station. Since then, a new estate of rather attractive houses has been built in this area and I believe the westerly side of this development has covered the area that was once the station approach.

At the northern end of this estate is a road named Station Mead, running from east to west, the houses built on the south side only, facing an area which had obviously once been part of the track bed, now a grassed area with a children’s play area at the western end. At the eastern end was a fence, and beyond , a field in which no trace of the railway remains.

At the western end, beyond the play area, is another fence and then a very overgrown area which was once the track bed leading to the station. Beyond the fence is a pathway leading into the undergrowth, (an unofficial path I suspect, as it does not appear on my map), and this leads to the remains of the station. Alas! There is little to be seen, all that remains is the ‘down’ platform and this is buried in undergrowth and brambles.

Continuing down the unclassified road from the junction with the B3139 for about 350 yards, brings you to a bridge over the old track bed from Midsomer Norton. Looking over the east side of the bridge, the cutting towards Midsomer Norton is still well defined but now taken over by undergrowth and young trees. On the west side of the bridge a few feet of the cutting exists and then everything has been in filled to the level of the surrounding field, (the same field I believe as that seen from the eastern end of Station Mead).

There is a footpath behind the “Somerset Wagon” public house that led to the station.  I followed this path which is rather uneven, and was muddy and slippery following recent heavy rainfalls. After a short distance I came to the railway bridge over which the track and the ‘up’ platform originally passed, see Chilcompton Station Plan which shows original station layout and the situation in  January 2001. The bridge is still intact but the land on the west side of the path now belongs to a road haulage company who have erected a security fence which also runs across the bridge. On the other side of the path a high concrete block wall has been built preventing any access to the original station site from this point.

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Chilcompton station plan 1920 and 2001
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