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Opened on the 31st August 1863, Henstridge station, situated between Templecombe and Stalbridge, was the smallest station on the line, the platform being only 150 feet long. There was a small goods yard containing one siding controlled by a ground frame. The siding had a milk dock, small coal depot and a cattle pen. The station was the only one on the main line without a passing loop. Henstridge closed to goods traffic on 5th April 1965 and the ground frame and siding were taken out of use the following day. The station finally closed to passengers on 7th March 1966.

Site of Henstridge station, 2005

The site of Henstridge Station from Henstridge Bridge. (This was bridge No. 159). The station  buiding would have occupied part of the present road area some distance from the bridge, (probably to the left of where the white van is parked), and the platform would have continued towards the bridge for about another 100 feet as the station buildings were at one end of the platform, furthest from the bridge. The track bed is now an open green space. This is looking towards Stalbridge.

Photograph by Paul Carter, April 2005

Henstridge Bridge No.159

Henstridge Bridge, (Bridge No. 159), looking towards Templecombe, (the station would have been behind you).

Photograph by Paul Carter, April 2005

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Henstridge Bridge in 2008

Henstridge Bridge in 2008. The original brickwork on the top of the bridge has been removed and replaced with concrete and metal crash barriers. I suppose we should be grateful that they have at least retained the main body of the bridge!

Photograph by Paul Carter, February 2008

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