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At 811 feet above sea level, Masbury summit was the highest point on the Somerset and Dorset Railway. Masbury Station was on the south side of the bridge which carried the Frome to Wells road over the railway line. Today the bridge, (No. 70), still carries  the road over the remaining track bed.

On the north side of the bridge the track bed is still well defined in a cutting heading north-west back towards Binegar, although now containing some undergrowth and young trees.

The platforms of Masbury Station started just beyond the southern side of the bridge, the ‘up’ platform being 300 feet long and the ‘down’ platform 350 feet in length. The main station buildings were on the ‘up’ platform and consisted of the rather large and imposing Station Master’s house at the southern end of the platform, the signal box in the centre and nearest to the bridge was another stone building which housed the booking office and Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s waiting rooms. On the ‘down’ platform there was just a simple shelter.

The passenger station was unstaffed from the 26th September 1938, although still open to passengers,  and closed to goods from June 1963. The station was finally closed to passengers, with the rest of the line, on the 7th March 1966.

The Station Master’s house is now a private house, as is the building which was once waiting rooms and booking office. Nothing remains of the signal box. The approach road to the station buildings on the west side of the bridge is now barred by a large gate.

The platforms still remain intact but it was difficult to see them from the bridge even in the winter months when the foliage is less dense, because of the trees that had grown up in the last 35 years. However, on a recent visit in April 2007, I found that much of the foliage has been cut back and the trackbed between the platforms has been cleared and it was possible to see the platforms and station buildings from the bridge, (see photograph further down the page).

Masbury is one of the better preserved landmarks of the Somerset and Dorset Railway, but unfortunately for railway enthusiasts, it is now in private ownership and access is impossible.

Wooden gate and metal handrails at Masbury

Thirty five years after the station closure, on the side of the bridge, hidden in the encroaching vegetation, a wooden gate still hangs on rusty hinges and metal handrails still remain either side of the steps leading to the ‘down’ platform. Through the trees it is just possible to see a small section of the ‘up’ platform and the building which was once the booking office and waiting rooms.

January 2001.

UPDATE. I revisited this location on 23rd July 2006. The vegetation is so dense that it was impossible to see any of the buildings or platform, (it is of course summer when the trees have the most foliage). I made a careful search but could find no trace of the wooden gate, metal handrails or steps leading to the ‘down’ platform which I had photographed in 2001. Perhaps they have been removed by the owners of the site to prevent unauthorised entry.

UPDATE CORRECTION. I have received an e-mail from Andrew Sutton of Wakefield, Yorkshire, who informs me that he visited this location on Sunday, 27th August 2006, and found the gate, metal handrail and steps still intact amongst the thick undergrowth. I am most grateful to Andrew for passing on this information.

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Masbury station, 2007 Approach road to Masbury station, 2007

Masbury Station seen from the bridge after clearance of some of the undergrowth. The trackbed has also been cleared.

April 2007

The original approach road for the station. This is now private property and is barred by a large gate. The photograph was taken from the public side of the gate.

April 2007.

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