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The very last trains ran on the Somerset and Dorset Railway on the evening of Sunday, 6th March 1966. At that time it was of course part of the nationalised British Rail network, but to railway enthusiasts it was still the S & D, and always will be.

Each year a little bit more of this unique railway line vanishes for ever. In the country towns which this line once served, houses and industrial buildings have been built where stations stood and lines once ran.

In the country, cuttings have been filled and embankments levelled as the land is returned to agricultural use, in at least one case leaving the strange spectacle of a viaduct isolated in the middle of a field.

There is however, still much to be seen for those prepared to search. Sometimes hidden down narrow country lanes or on main roads. Viaducts, tunnels and platforms are obvious railway remnants easily spotted by the casual observer.

At Midford, south of Bath, all that remains of the station is the platform. There was only one platform at Midford, as from here to Bath was single line working until the S&D line joined the original LMS line about half a mile from Bath Green Park Station.

Midford Station has been tidied up and the track bed now has a tarmac surface. This is a result of its new role as the Two Tunnels cycle/footpath which currently runs over the S&D trackbed from Bath, (junction of Bellotts Road and the A36 Lower Bristol Road), through the Devonshire and Coombe Down tunnels over Tucking Mill viaduct to Midford Station, across the pub car park, over Midford Viaduct and continues to Wellow. The section beyond Midford Viaduct to Wellow however, is a “permissive path” and occasionally closed as agreed with the landowner.

Tucking Mill Viaduct as it was in the late autumn of 1989. It still appeared the same in early September 2000. This area belongs to the Wessex Water Authority and is reserved for fishing by disabled anglers.

Midford station from viaduct end, 2005

Midford Station in May 2005. Picture taken from the viaduct end of the station looking back towards Tucking Mill and Bath.

Midford goods yard, 2005

Midford Goods Yard, looking north. Photograph by Chris Osment 3rd April 2005 Copyright © Chris Osment 2005

Midford station, September 2000

Midford Station in September 2000 The platform still exists but all buildings are long gone. The area once occupied by the signal box is now  part of the local ‘pub’ car park. A car can be seen parked beyond the platform where the trackbed once ran.

Midford station, May 2005

Midford Station in May 2005. The track bed now has a tarmac surface in its new role as a cycle/footpath. The platform still remains. Photograph looking south towards the viaduct, (a car can been seen in the car park).

Base of the old ‘Down Home’ (No 2) signal, on the top of the ‘Long Arch’.

Photograph by Chris Osment, 3rd April  2005

Copyright © Chris Osment 2005

Tucking Mill Viaduct

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Joint Railway

Searching for a lost line

Copyright © Gordon Jones 2007

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